RPO , Recruitment , Staffing (Temporory/Contactual) , Offshore/Remote Staffing
Based out of India with representative offices in United States, LEONARS is associated with Human Resource & Staffing Industry. We provide RPO, international recruitment, temporary staffing and remote staffing services across various industry verticals such as IT & ITeS, Engineering, Finance & Banking, Construction & Real Estate, Electronics & Telecom, Gas & Energy, Biotech & Pharma, etc. 
RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing): 

With LEONARS’s RPO services companies can now outsource their complete recruitment/hiring process or outsource specific elements of recruiting/hiring process and in-turn help you to reduce cost of recruitment by 45 to 50%.
Service includes: 
  • Sourcing from paid/free job boards, social networks, blogs, niche sites, and other internet sources.
  • Short list resumes that match jobs.
  • Screen shortlisted candidates over the phone.
  • Send emails to check availability.
  • Pay negotiation and documentation.
  • Acquiring candidates' approval to submit.
  • Maintain relationships with candidates.
  • Conduct reference checks.
  • Coordinate Interviews, Tests etc
  • Execute all other reasonable tasks that are a part of any recruiters’ normal workday. 
International Recruitment (India to Middle East/Singapore/Australia/UK): 

LEONARS specialized in International recruitment for sourcing highly skilled (lower cost) Indian professionals across Europe, Middle East & Asia Pacific region. For eg: If Sales Manager in UK is paid 5,000 Pounds then a Sales Manager with similar caliber who is willing to relocate from India to UK can be sourced by LEONARS for as low as 2,500 Pounds.
Temporary /Contract Onsite Staffing (IT/ITeS Industry): 

Many companies have special requirements of employees with special skills on contractual basis for a particular requirement and such contractual employees across Europe, Middle East, Australia and Singapore cost 3 times more then the salary of a permanent employee. In such scenarios companies with the help of LEONARS can hire Indian professional on contractual basis for a particular period. 
Remote/Offshore Staffing (IT/ITeS/Engineering Industry): 

LEONARS recognizes increasing salaries of IT & ITeS employees across Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Australia and thus offer their client to hire a offshore employee or team on hourly, daily or monthly basis who/which will operate remotely from our offices in India. The clear benefit to the client is more then 60% of savings because of the low salary rates in India. 

For Example: Salary of a web developer in USA would be min USD 2,500/month whereas the person can be hired in india for as low as USD 750 to max USD1000/month. 

Our mission is to help our clients reduce their Recruitment & Human Resource cost drastically and at the same time help find right candidate at a right time.