Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which is also known as Employment Process Outsourcing. Not much people are aware of the service and few companies offer them, LEONARS IT solutions based in India, a leading global provider of integrated business solutions and an IT solution provider for a number of recruitment agencies worldwide. 

Some of our clients in Australia include the top names in the recruitment industry. We are time tested and seasoned IT partners for them because we save time and money – two of the key ingredients for their success in business.

Why India?
For technological agility, quality, flexibility, cost control.

Scope of Services (RPO)
The scope of RPO services depending upon your requirement, may include but not limited to searching candidates from your internal database, job boards, CV/Resume screening, response handling, research for passive candidates, corporate intelligence research, database maintenance, skills testing, research and monitoring open positions of other companies on their websites or job boards to help you analyze market trends and recruiting market.

What LEONARS can offer

LEONARS  provides highly effective and flexible research at very attractive rates. We offer very high quality searches and results particularly in complex searches of the Internet where we are constantly developing and refining techniques.

Services Overview
From initial consultation and throughout the working partnership, LEONARS  is constantly looking at ways to customize its services more effectively to integrate into your Recruitment process. If you need recruitment services we can be part of your existing team and provide you the services.

The most popular business service that we offer are:

Candidate Generation
  • Job Board CV Database Searching
  • Recruitment System Candidate Searching
  • Job Board Advertising
  • Head Hunt Research